S1919 : Afterthought

Turning The Handle

Turning The Handle (One of the original plays from the sequence Glimpse, written by Thomas Everchild ) Performed at The Barn Theatre, Southwick.


Glimpse by Thomas Everchild. Originally produced by Afterthought Theatre Productions. The plays are now available to other companies.

The Scotsman (Glimpse; Part One)

"Hammond is served well by two three-dimensional, literate and dramatic scripts written by Thomas Everchild and she displays brilliant talent in interpreting them for us." "It is spellbinding and entertaining, heart rending and humorous. An…

The List (Fanny Hill)

This is a genuinely good production. It is adult and includes a good deal of nudity though nothing too explicit; it’s very rude, often funny, but without ever descending into bad taste. Fringe drama doesn’t…

The Scotsman

Fanny Hill (The Scotsman) Fanny Hill This adaptation of John Cleland’s neglected Georgian masterwork is a hugely enjoyable bawdy romp through one woman’s life and sex life, which for the purposes of the tale appear…